Posted by: bettythebalancer | October 30, 2009


I’m due for a grocery shop tonight to last me through the weekend and into most of next week.  I tend to grocery shop once per week at one of three stores:  Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, or Vons.  The decision of which store deserves my hard-earned money usually goes like this:

Me:  “I have 45 extra minutes in my schedule right now.  Which store is closest to me at this exact moment in time?!  Quick, check Google Maps on the Blackberry and determine the fastest and least-traffic-inundated route to it!”

But, if I’m grocery shopping on a weekend or for a special meal or specific recipe, I’ll go to certain stores for certain products — Whole Foods is my favorite for seafood and meat (which is rare — I don’t cook a lot of either these days, mostly because they’re costlier and they take more time), and for their selection of greek yogurts, miso soup, and cereals; Vons is my go-to for paper towels, trash bags, toilet paper, kitty litter, etc.; and Trader Joe’s for, well, everything else except produce.  I love Trader Joe’s dairy, cereal, wine, cheese, and frozen food prices — but their produce is sold in these senseless, environmentally unfriendly, plastic death pod contraptions, and frankly, as a single gal with no roommates, I usually just need a tomato, or a zuchinni — not four of each.

I think I picked up this habit of store-hopping when I lived on the East Coast, where I would drop in for flowers at the florist, for wine at the wine shop, and for cheese at the cheese shop.  Probably doesn’t make as much sense now that I’m strapped for time.

Not sure where I’ll end up tonight.  I’ll use my new camera (which just arrived — YAY!!) to show you what the usual haul looks like.


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