Posted by: bettythebalancer | November 4, 2009

An Example of Why This is Hard.

This week is a painful reminder of why it will be, and has been, hard to balance my athletic goals with my professional responsibilities.

That’s because I was supposed to participate in a sprint triathlon next weekend with my training partner — who is not only my dear friend, but also the incredible woman who got me started on this triathlon journey, and an amazing athlete who finished fifth in our age group (and got a medal!) in our first triathlon together.

But, work got in the way, and I had to back out of the race, leaving my partner to race it alone. You see, between the date when I registered for the race, and today, one of my cases had a hearing scheduled for this Friday, completely out of my control and with little notice.

Normally, that wouldn’t interfere with a Sunday race, but in this case, it’s a disaster:  First, the race is on Saturday, and second, its location requires a ferry ride on Friday evening to get to the packet pick-up and to the location of the race.  Third, the ferry departs from a port that is — without Friday rush hour traffic — approximately an hour away, and the location of the hearing puts me even farther away from the boat.  I knew I couldn’t get from the location of the hearing to the location of the ferry in time for the last boat of the day unless I (a) drove like Batman, AND (b) experienced some sort of traffic miracle.  Moreover, if anything went awry at the hearing and I was required to be there for one second longer than planned, my chances of making the boat would be shot.

Instead of running around with my blood pressure through the roof and a car packed full of expensive race gear all day on Friday, stressing about making a ferry departure when I should be worried about my client’s hearing and only about my client’s hearing, I decided not to race.

I comforted my disappointment tonight with a delicious batch of healthy spaghetti:

Healthy Spaghetti

I sauteed chopped garlic and tomatoes in white wine and olive oil, and threw in chopped spinach at the end. I tossed in Barilla Plus angel hair pasta and topped the bowl off with some cubes of tofu that I baked in balsamic vinegar.  Everything, as always, was topped off with kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper.  It was really comforting — just what I needed!

In other news, look at who I had to leave behind on my pillow this morning when I went for my swim — she made it so hard to leave:


Finally, here’s a picture of the wrap I made last night, which I ate for lunch today and tweeted about.  I just love the look of hard-boiled eggs — so wholesome and pure.



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