Posted by: bettythebalancer | November 15, 2009

Weekend Highlights & Lowlights

  • Highlight: I just pulled pumpkin-almond-cranberry-flax seed bread out of the oven.  I immediately topped a slice with real butter and enjoyed it for dessert!  I plan to use this as a breakfast base all week.



  • Highlight: I enjoyed a blueberry, spinach, vanilla soy milk, and banana smoothie for breakfast on Saturday.  I later supplemented with a Blueberry Crisp Clif bar — smoothies are never enough to keep me full.
  • Lowlight: I ended up eating a “just okay” reuben and potato knish at a Jewish deli for lunch/dinner on Saturday.  Total comfort food, and eagerly anticipated, but it just wasn’t up to snuff.  No picture, because only the homemade deserves to serve as a food model, in my humble opinion.


  • Highlight: A somewhat rounded breakfast — eggs scrambled with tomatoes, swiss cheese, onions, garlic, and Guy’s special homemade homefries.  That was all inhaled before the camera woke up, though 😉
  • Highlight: I made ham-and-swiss sammies on whole wheat for Guy and myself, and stuffed ’em with red leaf lettuce and roma tomatoes.  It was good lazy Sunday lunch food that was appropriately eaten on the couch!


  • Lowlight: I definitely accompanied that sammie with these amazing sweet onion chips, which have no nutritional benefits.


  • Highlight:  I did a pretty thorough grocery shop last week at Trader Joe’s, but I needed a few fresh items to get me through this week, so I hit Whole Foods.  The nice thing about my local Whole Foods is that I can actually walk there from my apartment.  This week, I grabbed … spinach, five apples, grape tomatoes, two lemons, baby portobello mushrooms, and three bananas.


  • I also couldn’t resist the sale on Amy’s Organic frozen pizzas …


  • And my lean proteins and dairies — extra firm tofu, plain nonfat greek yogurt, and six more eggs.


  • And I also spotted some decaffeinated Tazo Lotus tea on sale.  I popped in some honey and the end of one of my new lemons while I was baking.


In other news, I’m sad to report that my race buddy had to drop out of our next race, which was supposed to be my final one of the season. I’m not sure yet how this will affect my participation, if at all.  I have to travel a little for this race, so not having a buddy complicates things.  In addition, I haven’t yet signed up, so if I move my race to one that she can participate in, no one loses.  We’ll see.

Big week ahead.  Wish me discipline and good health!


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