Betty’s Stats

  • Age: 29 years young
  • Gender: Female
  • Weight: Approximately 130 lbs.
  • Height: 5’7.5
  • Body Mass Index: 19.7
  • Maximum Heart Rate: 186
  • Dietary Restrictions: I don’t drink (or eat, for that matter) caffeine in any amount.  This makes it hard to find Gus, PowerBar Gels, JellyBelly SportBeans, etc. that I can actually eat.  I love the Honey Stingers brand because they’re natural, packed full of B Vitamins, and they have a caffeine-free variety that is ridiculously delicious.  (It helps that I love honey!)  I’ve discovered that a lot of triathletes are highly caffeinated people, so I tend to stick out among the crowd in this respect.  I also don’t drink or eat any artificial sugars, such as Splenda, Nutrasweet, or Stevia.  I eliminated both caffeine and artificial sugars from my diet over a year ago in an attempt to get rid of — or at least reduce the frequency of — my migraines (see below).
  • Medical History: I am generally healthy (knock on wood!), but I do get debilitating migraines that have landed me in the emergency room with multiple MRIs and morphine shots.  I began getting them in my early twenties, and I now take Topamax daily to prevent them.  Topamax has been a miracle for me.  Before I found Topamax, I made several dietary changes that did reduce the frequency of my migraines significantly, including reducing my caffeine and artificial sugar intake.  I have only had one migraine in the last four months, which is a big improvement from once per week!

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